Real Women Share: Their best love advice

Last March, we asked Yahoo! Philippines SHE users to share their best life and love advice. In keeping with our "Real Women, Real Answers" tag, we're featuring some of the best love advice we got via the comments from the article, "Real Women Share: Your best life and love advice." (We're also featuring the best  life advice from the comments section in another future article.)

Check out the words of wisdom from 10 Yahoo! SHE users who want to empower other women with their answers:

"I've always said to my daughters to empower themselves by having a good job and by doing everything or anything at their best and to love themselves before anything or anyone else."
—Consuelo Tapangco of Manila

"Put off marriage and having children. A lot of girls I know are obsessed with the idea of settling down before they turn 30, thinking they'll lose their "market value" every year after that. Being a wife and mother aren't the only roles available to women - it's equally fulfilling to remain single and childless. Explore roles for women outside the confines of a home and relationships."
—Camille of Quezon City

"Society shouldn't push us to go for the wife-and-mother path before age 30. We should live our lives the way we want to, not because of pressure from other people."
—Sylvia of Fremont, U.S.

"Don't treat him like a project you have to fix."
—Jenny of Manila

"If you're not happy anymore with the person you love, then it's time to let go It would hurt more if you stay."
—Too_Precious_4u of Manila

"A little love advice I learned from a friend back in college: 'Never expect, never assume, until the guy says so.'"
—Chrisgel of Manila

"Don't let your happiness be dependent on another person. Love yourself and learn to be happy of who and what you are."
—Pamela of Cagayan de Oro City

"Love is a gamble. You need to take the risk. It's either you give all for love or give less. There is still a tendency that you will get hurt. Being hurt is just a part of love and and if you really love the person your not going to count their mistakes."
—Greyz of San Diego, U.S.

"Marry a responsible, loving, caring man with principles. With these qualities, your marriage will surely last forever."
—Ivy of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

"Don't make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions."
—A Yahoo! user who wishes to remain Anonymous

Yahoo! SHE asks women: What's your favorite advice among the bunch? Why?

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