Real Ting: Miriam Yeung and I will never cheat on each other!

20 Dec – Miriam Yeung's manager and husband Real Ting recently expressed with much confidence that he will never cheat on the actress.

As reported on On CC, Real, who shared similar sentiment to his wife when it comes to their marriage, said that he doesn't see himself doing such a thing towards Miriam, and was confident that the "Wonder Women" star would not do that to him either.

"Cheating will only negatively affect one's family and career, and hurt my son's respect for me," he said.

Real stated that it doesn't take one's age to cheat on one's spouse, and that only immature people would do such a thing.

"People who cheat only love and care about themselves. If a person is mature, he would always love and be respectful of his or her family," he said.

In a previous interview to promote her aforementioned drama, Miriam stated that she trusts her husband 100 percent and believes that Real will never cheat on her, unlike her character's husband in the said TVB series.

(Photo Source: Real Ting Instagram)