Get ready to find your romantic match this Sunday!

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'Dating Sunday' refers to the first Sunday of the year when the dating platforms observe a peak in traffic.

According to dating app Tinder, January 2, 2022 will offer singletons great opportunities to find their match.

Every year, during the first week of January, dating sites record peaks in the number of visits to their services. One day in particular attracts the attention of developers: the first Sunday of the year. So much so that it has its own name: "Dating Sunday."

Tinder UK notes that it's one of the "busiest Swipe activity days," while dating platform Bumble's Shan Boodram confirms in a video that on that app it's also a day that sees a rise in users and activity, with more messages being sent.

A day for meeting 'the one'?

So what's the reason behind this intensified interest in dating a few days after December 31? The first factor could simply be linked to new year's resolutions. If they aren't joining a gym, picking up music lessons or changing your diet, some people get invested in the challenge of looking for love.

The social pressure to be in a couple can also help explain this phenomenon. After a holiday period full of family meals and gatherings where couples and families with children figure prominently, the idea of finding one's match can contribute to nudging singles to sign up on a dating site.

Finally, the season and its temperatures also have their role to play. Every year, dating applications observe a peak in traffic between Christmas and Valentine's Day, in other words in the heart of winter, when it is more difficult to go out and meet people IRL.

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