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Ready for a Deep Dive on Hailee Steinfeld's Cute Older Brother Griffin?

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'Kay, so you know how Hailee Steinfeld is wildly talented and pretty much good at everything she does including but not limited to starring in moody TV shows, making moody music, and getting nominated for casual Oscars? Yeah, so turns out it runs in the family.

Hailee has an older brother named Griffin Steinfeld and he seems super chill and talented, which means the time has come to find out everything about him (in like a normal way, we swear). First thing's first...

He and Hailee Are Best Friends

Hailee opened up about their relationship during press for The Edge of Seventeen, telling The Chicago Tribune, "You have this competition between your siblings, and then you have these moments where you're like, 'Wow, I really do love you, and even though it sometimes seems like I can't stand you, we're family and we're here for each other and we're going through the same thing.'"

Though, the fact that Griffin got to have a typical high school experience and she didn't was sometimes a bummer: "Watching him go through high school and then not having that experience, I always felt like he was so ahead of me," Hailee said. "We're so close now and it's funny looking back on it, but there were times when he was going to parties and I was not getting invited because I wasn't going to school so I didn't have any way of getting invited to a party. And I was just like, 'It's cool, I guess I'll just stay home.'"

He Completely Has Hailee's Back

Hailee gushed about Griffin during a Wired video where she answered Google's most-searched questions about her, which included "Does Hailee Steinfeld have siblings?"

Her response? "I have one older brother and he is quite possibly the best older brother on the planet. His name is Griffin, he is 25 and truly my best friend and has been the greatest role model in my life. You get to sort of watch your older sibling go through life and make mistakes and learn from them so that you don't necessarily make the same ones and that's kind of an amazing thing and an unfortunate thing for them, in a sense, but he is so wonderful and has sacrificed so much for me to be able to do what I love and is just so supportive and Griffin, I love you. That's about all the nice things I'll say about you for the rest of the year."

He's Been Known to Show Up With Hailee on Red Carpets

Has your brother bothered to attend any of YOUR red carpet premieres? Exactly.

Anyway, here they are at the Academy Awards with their parents (casual):

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

And here they are at the Screen Actors Guild Awards:

Photo credit: Kevin Winter - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevin Winter - Getty Images

And at the MTV Movie Awards:

Photo credit: Gregg DeGuire - Getty Images
Photo credit: Gregg DeGuire - Getty Images

He Has a Puppy and We Love Him

Hello to Dwight and Dwight only.

He's a Casual Nascar Driver

Follow him on Insta for a ton (I mean a TON) of car content.

He Hangs With Hailee on Set

Turns out Griffin's car expertise came in handy on set of Bumblebee. As Hailee told Screen Rant, "He helped with...all of it. I say a lot of it, but all of it. I actually had him on set with me while making this movie which, not only was one of my favorite experiences I've had, that I've been able to share with my brother. But selfishly I was able to have him there as my mechanic encyclopedia. So any time I was confused or unclear about something or wanted to make sure the exact car part we are talking about was accurate, I just wanted him to make sure everything lined up and he's somebody I trust with all of it. And he was right there to make sure everything I was doing was authentic."

FYI, He Has His Own YouTube Channel

Most of it is car stuff that I cannot even pretend to understand (no offense Griffin), but here's a day in his life!

And Because You're Wondering....

No, we don't know if he's single. But if he is I volunteer him as tribute for ABC's next season of The Bachelor. 'Til then, here's a quick photo dump of all his and Hailee's cutest sibling moments!

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