Razer's latest partnership is equal parts obvious and ridiculous (and it's a limited edition)

 GilletteLabs Razer Limited Edition promotional listing
GilletteLabs Razer Limited Edition promotional listing

What you need to know

  • Gillette partners with gaming manufacturer Razer with a limited edition GilletteLabs Razer Limited Edition shaving razor themed after both brands.

  • The Razer and GilletteLabs razor will be available online and in retail stores as early as August 2023, with both brands planning to attend Gamescom.

  • This collaboration includes the GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar, though the detachable handle is compatible with standard Gillette refillable razors.

In one of the most baffling yet somehow equally understandable brand partnerships in recent memory, Razer is teaming up with Gillette for a limited edition release. The GilletteLabs Razer Limited Edition (and not a shorter name that seems too lazy) results from two seemingly unrelated brands coming together for a now-obvious hardware collaboration after occupying the same gaming events and crossing paths in other hilarious ways.

Never before has 'cutting-edge' technology been such an appropriate descriptor for this upcoming GilletteLabs and Razer collaboration, which comes with a branded GilletteLabs with Exfoliating bar razor, and is compatible with standard refillable razors from the same brand, thankfully extended its potential lifetime if you take gentle care with the acid green-and-black-themed handle.

Razer, an elite gaming company, and Gillette, the world’s leading razor brand, is not just a naming coincidence. We’ve been fans of Razer with its cutting-edge technology for a long time; it’s a brand that everyone recognizes in both gaming and technology.

Adamant that this is more than a marketing gimmick, all gamers are the target audience for this gender-neutral Razer and GilletteLabs razor, featuring design elements from both brands. Leading with a catchy tagline of 'Feel Sharp, Play Sharp,' this partnership is a less subtle throwback to an April Fools joke from Razer earlier this year (except this one is real.)

The faux-razor mouse took on such an unusually high level of momentum that Razer and Gillette decided to make it a reality, and it's exceptionally charming. Both brands will be attending Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, and each is set to launch digital campaigns through the Gillette Gaming Alliance and Razer's affiliate program.

The GilletteLabs Razer Limited Edition will be available in various retailers worldwide, though it'll be exclusively available at Target stores around the US. Shipping times differ by region to their on-shelf date, with some areas stocking the Razer and GilletteLabs razor well into 2024.