Razer poised to reveal its first smartphone for gamers

Could this be Razer's first smartphone?

Gaming PC and peripherals specialist Razer has a major announcement to make November 1, 2017. The firm shared a mysterious photo on social media announcing the upcoming reveal, which could see the brand unveil its first ever smartphone. The handset is expected to bring something different to the market.

Razer's mysterious photo shows a person holding a mobile device in their hands. At first glance, it looks like it could be a handheld games console or perhaps even a smartphone. In fact, the latter option seems most likely, since Razer acquired smartphone-maker Nextbit early in 2017.

One theory is that the brand's first smartphone could be equipped to automatically store apps -- principally games -- as well as data (photos, videos) in the cloud, just like Nextbit's Robin smartphone, which made headlines at the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Being a specialist gaming brand, there's a strong possibility that Razer will use this technology to create a cloud-based solution for online mobile gaming, which can be a drain on resources. The idea would be for users to store all kinds of games in the cloud and play them via streaming, with no need to use the phone's internal storage. This solution would, however, require a very good 4G connection, almost unlimited data and possibly a monthly subscription to the special new service. It would certainly be a gamble for Razer, but the brand would at least have a niche in the highly competitive smartphone sector.

Cloud-based gaming concepts have already made inroads into the traditional PC market via French start-up Blade and its Shadow gaming computer. This unique project is essentially a high-end PC running technology that's entirely in the cloud. Users can store all of their games in the cloud and access them anywhere, anytime, anyplace.