Razer Moray review: The in-ear headphone monitors you've probably never heard of

 Razer Moray
Razer Moray

We all have a preferred brand of gaming headset to use, whether it be SteelSeries, HyperXCorsair, or my personal favorite, Razer. Whichever it is you prefer, there's no denying that the aforementioned Razer is one of the best in the business regarding PC tech and offers some of the finest headsets around. But none I've tried are quite like the Razer Moray – the "first-ever" gaming in-ear monitors.

After spending a few weeks with it, the Razer Moray is a fantastic piece of kit that not only produces excellent sound quality but also is the most comfortable earbuds I've ever used. With the added bonus of offering multiple connection options, these can be used on PC, Xbox Series S|X, and pretty much anything with a 3.5mm headphone jack. But it's safe to say that it isn't going to be for everyone, and probably won't make our best Xbox headsets and best PC gaming headsets lists.

Disclaimer: This review was made possible by a review unit provided by Razer. The company did not see the contents of the review before publishing.

Razer Moray Gaming In-Ear Monitors: Price & Availability

Razer Moray earphones
Razer Moray earphones

The Moray’s are priced at $129.99, not too dissimilar from their alternative earbuds, the Hammerhead range, and are available to buy in the US today. Coming only in an all-black design, sadly, there is no alternative to offer at this moment in time, but Razer are known for producing a color range that fits in with your style or set-up. So, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a variety of color options in the near future.

You can pick it up from the official Razer website or from other major selling retailers such as Amazon or Best Buy.

Razer Moray in-Ear Monitor for Streaming
These in-ear gaming headphones are designed to offer comfort and sound quality for gamers and streamers alike, with a detachable cable, hybrid dual driver design and passive noise isolation — all in the signature Razer style.

Buy at: Razer | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Razer Moray Gaming In-Ear Monitors: Design & Comfort

Razer Moray earphones
Razer Moray earphones

Earbuds – or in-ear monitors – aren't every gamer's go-to gaming headset since earbuds are often highly uncomfortable the longer they are in. Let me assure you, the Razer Morays are an exception to this and provide a range of alternatives to ensure a comfy gaming session – however long (or short) that may be.

Designed to hook over your ears like sports earbuds to maximize comfort, the Morays come in a sleek black color with premium braided wiring that feels superior to many other headset cables. Although it has to be said that having never used over-ear earbuds before, it took me a few days to really grasp how they fit into your ears. After a few days of fiddling to get them in, I was an expert, and putting them in took only seconds.

With no buttons or dials on the wiring itself, the headset has a simple-yet-effective design, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the likes of a volume slider – purely for my own convenience. It's also worth noting that, like all earbuds, the wire easily gets tangled when stored, which can be frustrating.

As for the earbuds themselves, the Moray comes with six interchangeable ear tips, three foam sets, and three silicon sets, each of varying sizes, so you can choose what fits you best. I preferred to use the foam sets as they are super comfy and bend to your ear's shape. Of course, this can also mean that the foam tips may not be suitable for long-term use, but only time will tell.

Razer Moray Gaming In-Ear Monitors: Sound Quality

Razer Moray earphones
Razer Moray earphones

Does the Razer Moray have the highest-quality raw sound? No, but that’s not what it sets itself to provide. As the price indicates, this is a mid-range headset at best, so it’s unrealistic to expect the "true" best to any degree. What it does do is provide gamers – and, more importantly, streamers, who are Razer’s target audience here – with a comfortable alternative that is lighter on the head.

You may be asking the question, “How do monitors differ from normal earbuds?” and it’s simple, really: monitor headphones are balanced across all frequencies (lows, mids, and highs), allowing for a more acoustic sound as you are getting the most authentic version of what you are hearing – no part has been elevated in any way, so don’t expect a "cinematic" bass experience.

The one thing the Razer Morays are seriously lacking, though, is the addition of onboard spatial audio; this is where you can pinpoint sounds, for example, footsteps behind you during an intense game of Apex Legends. Not having this puts me at a severe disadvantage, but it all depends on what kind of games you enjoy playing. If you’re big into competitive first-person shooters, then these aren’t likely to be for you. The tuning is designed to limit fatigue and maintain good ear health. Reverberating, loud, bass-heavy cinematic headphones used for hours on end is theoretically not great for eardrum stress. So, given what the Moray is designed for, I'd say Razer achieved its aims overall.

Razer Moray Gaming In-Ear Monitors: Noise Isolation

Razer Moray earphones
Razer Moray earphones

The last thing you want while you’re streaming, is a lot of background noise, and this is where the Razer Morays specialty lies. These little earbuds have some of the best noise isolation I’ve seen in a headset, let alone earbuds, and they pretty much block out any and all noise that surrounds you – should you have them in correctly.

It’s actually awe-inspiring how much noise these things can block.

Razer Moray Gaming In-Ear Monitors: Should you buy it?

Razer Moray earphones
Razer Moray earphones

You should buy this if…

  • You’re seeking a comfortable option without strain on your head or ears.

  • You’re big into streaming and would like an easier, less intrusive audio form.

  • You prefer earbuds over headsets.

  • You want a headset that will block out a lot of noise.

You should not buy this if…

  • You primarily play first-person shooters.

  • You want a headset that will provide the best quality audio.

  • You prefer a wireless option.

  • You’re not a fan of over-ear wires.

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Razer has always taken the initiative in releasing new pieces of technology, and the Moray only further proves what Razer is capable of. It provides clean, crisp, and clear audio while offering options for the most outstanding comfort possible.

While it’s not going to be ideal for all -- with the lack of a microphone and spatial audio -- the Morays are an excellent option for streamers with a separate mic set-up that want a more natural feel, especially for those Indie game streamers that don’t require the highest quality audio.

Not to mention the fact that using these isn’t confined to a particular console or PC – as long as it has a 3.5mm headphone jack, you’re good to go.

Razer Moray In-Ear Monitor for Streaming

The Razer Moray in-ear gaming headphones are the perfect choice for gamers and streamers who love the Razer style. They fit comfortably in your ears, have excellent quality, and offer a superb listening experience. However, we wish they also had a microphone and spatial sound.