Raymond Wong wants HK government to close down cinemas

30 Mar – Producer Raymond Wong recently urged the Hong Kong government to give an order for all cinemas to close down temporarily to help curb the spread of the pandemic.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the producer, who owns five theatres under Cinema City banner, stated that the city should follow the example of Singapore government that has halted operation of all cinemas for 14 days.

"I agree with this method. It can effectively prevent the pandemic from spreading," he said.

Despite his belief, Raymond himself hasn't shut down the operations of any one of his theatres, saying that they were mostly in shopping centres.

"If I close them down, I have to compensate shopping centres for their losses. But if the order comes from the government, it should have financial assistance for everybody to get over the hard time together," he added.

Raymond also revealed that Cinema City have restored two Leslie Cheung's classic movies, "The Bride With White Hair" and "The Phantom Lover" and will be screening them on the late actor's death anniversary on 1 April.

(Photo Source: Sohu)