Raymond Lam and wife to welcome baby in 2020?

29 Jan – Rumours are rife that Raymond Lam and wife Carina Zhang are expecting a baby.

As reported on 51 News, the rumour came about after a Hong Kong tabloid recently interviewed a gynecologist who alleged that Carina had visited her clinic to seek medical advice.

However, she declined to further reveal details about the visit, saying that it was private information.

At the same time, the tabloid did not only interview the said gynecologist, but also exposed a list of medicines claimed to be Carina's prescription.

They are also denying the idea that Carina and Raymond's marriage was because of the pregnancy, saying that it only happened afterwards.

Neither Raymond nor Carina have responded to the rumours, with many speculating that they are keeping mum until the third month of pregnancy.

(Photo Source: Raymond Lam Instagram)