Raymond Lam shares photo with Carina Zhang for the first time

2 Dec – While he had been mum when it comes to his love life since dating Carina Zhang, it seems that Raymond Lam is now ready to share their love on social media.

According to HK01, the actor shared for the first time a photo of him and his girlfriend in a Weibo post, which he captioned, "Me in 2017 vs Us in 2019".

The first photo was of Raymond doing push-ups on his own, while the second one showed him and Carina joking around having fun with ghoulish make-up.

Carina later commented on the photo, saying that that the actor chose an ugly picture of her, and proceeded to share another photo of the two of them having drinks together.

It is noted that Raymond was still dating model-actress Karena Ng in 2017, although the relationship ended later that year.

It was also rumoured that the actor is set to tie the knot with Carina soon, and has already filed a Notice of Intended Marriage.

(Photo Source: hk01)