Raymond Lam loses more weight for concert

13 Sep - Hong Kong singer-actor Raymond Lam surprised many recently when he made an appearance at a recent event looking much thinner than before.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer who was at the IFPI Record Sales Awards 2016, shared that he currently weighs in at 140 pounds, although added that it's not the lightest he has ever been.

"I have a show in Guangzhou on 23 September, so I lost some weight in preparation for that. But I am a food lover, so hopefully I will return to my normal diet after the 23rd," he said.

When asked if girlfriend Karena Ng was concerned about his weight loss, Raymond responded, "No, she wanted me to maintain the size because it's easier to find clothes for me."

As for his movie projects, Raymond stated that he has been too busy with his concert and his concert promotions that the earliest he could start filming again would be some time next year.

(Photo Source: Raymond Lam Weibo)