Rashida Jones once used face cream made from baby foreskin

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones once was once given a face cream made from baby foreskin.

The Parks and Recreation star has opened up about her beauty regime in an interview with U.S. InStyle magazine, and when quizzed about her go-to skincare formulas, she candidly shared the strangest product she's used on her face.

"A long time ago, someone gave me baby foreskin cream. But it was a one-time deal. It’s not like I’ve committed to it as a programme," the 43-year-old quipped.

Now, the actress/director prefers a much simpler routine, and swears by a jade roller to iron out any fine lines and puffiness.

"There is only so much you can do with make-up if you are tired or have had too much salt," she said of the cult beauty product. "The older I get, the more of my prep time is spent on skincare. If the canvas is in good shape, everything you put on it looks better."

Elsewhere in the interview, Rashida insisted she has "always had" her signature fringe and shoulder-length bob – and she can’t imagine ever ditching her classic hairstyle.

“I’ve always had some version of bangs and a bob. I think someone cut it that way early on and it stuck! It’s basically a bowl cut. But because my hair is so fine, it lets me have a style without doing any work," the star explained, adding that she uses sea-salt and texturising sprays to give it volume.

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