A Ranking Of The Strongest Titans In ‘Attack On Titan’

strongest Titans in Attack on Titan
strongest Titans in Attack on Titan

The world of Attack on Titan is a pretty gnarly one, with flesh-and-blood giants roaming the lands, chewing up friends, and family alike. The Titans have an epic scale of destruction at their disposal which they seem to deploy with ease – as season 4 part 3 of the series showed very well.

While there are technically 11 different types of Titans, we can subtract 2 of them as some are typically just unintelligent, aimless beings – it’s the nine unique Titans we’re really interested in. Initially, it appears they’re wanton agents of chaos bringing death and destruction seemingly at random, but as we progress through the anime, it becomes clear that not only are the Titans attacking with specific purpose and intention, but they’re in fact able to be controlled as immense weapons of mass destruction.

All soldiers have a ruler, and in the case of the Titans, they obey the commands of the Founding Titan, and can only be controlled by those who share the same bloodline as the creator, Ymir Fritz. As the world progressed and the bloodline was diluted, control of the Titans was passed between nations until eventually being used against each other.

They all bring a unique and deadly advantage to their hosts with no Titan claiming an objective lead over its counterparts. As the final episode of Attack on Titan was recently released, it’s important to know your Attack Titans from your Colossal Titans – here’s the full debrief on each of the Nine Titans, what they do, and who they’re connected to.

A ranking of the strongest Titans in ‘Attack on Titan’

9th – The Cart Titan

The Cart Titan scurries around the battlefield on all fours, distinguishing itself from the bipedal Titans. This quadruped earned its name for its courier-like form that sees manned artillery on both shoulders shooting down enemies as it pounces from place to place.

Rabid movements and lightning-fast reflexes more than make up for its lack of strength but its elongated, crocodile-like jaw still tears through enemies in an instant. The Cart Titan is similar to the Beast Titan in the sense it’s more critical of the battlefield and acts as a general more than a soldier.

Pieck Finger, the Cart Titan’s holder, analyses the playing field before delivering a final blow or delivering a powerhouse attack to turn the tides of war in its favour.

8th – The Jaw Titan

A small but feral rendition, the Jaw Titan tears through its opponents with its diamond-clad (you guessed it) jaw. It feels almost infantile compared to its terrifying brethren but it’s by no means weak.

The Jaw Titan was the only thing strong enough to land the killing blow on the War Hammer Titan and potentially free Annie from her crystallised state. The small but mighty force sports a lion mane and small body but delivers some underrated, pivotal moments in the narrative.

7th – The War Hammer Titan

strongest Titans in Attack on Titan
Picture Credits: Courtesy IMDb

Donning a white exoskeleton made of crystal armour, the War Hammer Titan destroys its opponents with its structured flesh. The Titan has the ability to mould weapons at the tip of its fingers that boast an undeniable defence while easily destroying whatever crosses its path.

A Titan host is typically stored in the nape of the neck but the War Hammer Titan has the ability to relocate its host to another area. During its confrontation with the Attack Titan, the host was located underground in a crystalised cocoon, buying itself valuable time to retaliate while its opponent focused on a false target.

6th – The Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan
Picture Credits: Courtesy IMDb

The Colossal Titan gave humanity “a grim reminder” about how truly insignificant their lives were. With one swift kick to Wall Maria, the Titan almost singlehandedly sets in motion the entirety of the series with a blood bath arrival and a deeply political backstory not unravelled until years later.

The citizens of Shiganshina were accustomed to the garden variety titan – three to 15 metres tall with little to no sense but bloodlust. The Colossal Titan however earned its title by towering over humanity at 60 metres, ditching its fleshy cocoon for pure muscle and bone caging.

Its height and weight are its main assets with its counterparts feeling infant-like and the Survey Crops compared to ants. The body heat alone is enough to burn enemies upon contact which we saw in full effect after countless soldiers fell to their deaths trying to defeat it – with Armin Arlert burnt to a crisp.

5th: The Female Titan

Annie Leonhart is responsible for piloting the Female Titan which is essentially a gender-swapped Attack Titan. She’s much more agile than Eren and showcases martial arts instead of brute force but she’s critically one of the weakest Titans in terms of impact and defence.

The Female Titan is a force to be reckoned with but has fewer feats to credit her than her counterparts due to her crystalised time away from the frontlines.


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4th – The Beast Titan

strongest Titans in Attack on Titan
Picture Credits: Courtesy IMDb

The Beast Titan is the being that told humanity they were not alone and that more existed outside of the confines of their walled knowledge.

Until his arrival, the world only knew of the common Titan and the newly announced Colossal and Armoured variants. The Beast Titan was the first to make verbal contact and showed clear signs of intelligence, throwing all knowledge and understanding about Titans into disarray.

The Beast Titan is the only being to speak clearly even in its ape-like form. Though it’s not as physically gifted or active as others, its long arms and solid throws are enough to destroy airships, fleets and forts with any nearby rocks that are fit for launching.

The Beast Titan belongs to none other than Eren’s older half-brother, Zeke Jaeger. Zeke becomes a pivotal antagonist in the anime but especially in the final episodes of Attack on Titan for his participation in the War for Paradis – he proves to be a formidable adversary for Armin and company, but especially Levi, who faces off against Zeke in his Beast Titan form multiple times. While it seemed that Zeke was done and dusted, he miraculously appeared out of the Founding Titan, suggesting that Zeke, nor the Beast Titan, would go down easily.

3rd – The Armoured Titan

The Armoured Titan can be classified as the most physically gifted titan… if we ignore the obvious stature of the Colossal Titan. Its golden exoskeleton is nearly impenetrable which, backed by its ludicrous speed, makes for an immovable force.

Along with the Colossal Titan, it delivers the first blow to humanity and shows that not all Titans have a clear weak spot that can be utilised. It boasts one of the most difficult methods of takedowns simply due to its outlandish manoeuvrability and protective traits.

2nd: The Attack Titan

Eren Yeager commands the Attack Titan and has turned it into a devastating weapon of war. Its agile and powerful movements allow it to dominate the battlefield and take down waves of military and artillery foes in an instant.

While all Titans receive memories of their past hosts, the Attack Titan is the only example that could see those yet to command it.

Eren received memories from his father, Grisha Yeager, and his allies which he used to calculate the demise of Marley and to craft the debilitating war game that would eventually destroy the world.

1st – The Founding Titan

strongest Titans in Attack on Titan
Picture Credits: Courtesy IMDb

The Founding Titan has the ability to command all other Titans while altering the subjects of Ymir’s memories, telepathically communicate with others, and create Titans from scratch.

Eren takes control of the Founding Titan to deliver hell upon humanity – unleashing a wave of Colossal Titans across the world while towering over them in its true, insect-like form.

This Titan, of course, is pivotal to the final episodes of the show, with Armin and his crew targeting both the Founding and the Beast Titan during Eren’s reign of chaos in his desperate bid for some kind of ‘freedom’ – though what that freedom is has become very confusing to anyone who isn’t Eren by this point.

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