Ranking all the Genshin Impact 4-star polearms: Which are the best?

Since the release of Genshin Impact in 2020, we’ve been given tons of weapon options, some of which have become necessary to our teams.

Polearm wielders are some of the most versatile characters in the game, featuring strong DPS characters like the Raiden Shogun, Xiao and Hu Tao, must-have supports like Zhongli, and, of course, Xiangling the Polearm Archon herself.

With so many great polearm wielders, it's only right that there are also multiple great polearms for them to choose from.

From gacha, to event-only, to craftable, here’s a comprehensive tier list of all of the 4-star polearms, if they are worth pulling for or crafting, and who they’re best paired with!

For S-tier support weapons, you could even consider levelling multiple copies, just so your different Abyss teams can tap onto their benefits!

Note: All weapon stats listed below are at max ascension, level 90. Information is accurate up to version 2.7


From left to right: S-tier polearms Favonius Lance, The Catch, Wavebreaker's Fin. (Photos: HoYoverse)
From left to right: S-tier polearms Favonius Lance, The Catch, Wavebreaker's Fin. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Favonius Lance (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 565

  • Energy Recharge: 30.6%

The Favonius weapons tend to get a bad rep, but once you look past all the hubbub, it’s one of the best weapon series in the game.

The Favonius Lance is great for your polearm-wielding supports and will give you consistent burst uptime without having to worry about your energy.

Use on: Thoma, Zhongli, Xiangling, Rosaria, Yun Jin

The Catch (Free)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • Energy Recharge: 45.9%

Probably one of the best polearms to be released so far, The Catch does not only satisfy your energy recharge needs, it also gives massive buffs for your character’s burst.

It’s also a free weapon, meaning you don’t need to craft or wish to get it and its refinements.

Better put your fisherman's hat on and start angling!

Use on: Raiden Shogun, Zhongli, Xiangling

Wavebreaker’s Fin (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 620

  • ATK%: 13.8%

This is basically the gacha version of The Catch but with a, well, catch.

The Wavebreaker's Fin passive increases your burst damage based on the combined energy burst cost of your entire team — which means you can benefit more with a high-energy cost team.

At high refinements, this monster of a weapon can even outperform 5-star polearms.

Use on: Raiden Shogun, Xiangling


From left to right: Dragon's Bane, Crescent Pike, Deathmatch, Prototype Starglitter. (Photos: HoYoverse)
From left to right: Dragon's Bane, Crescent Pike, Deathmatch, Prototype Starglitter. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Dragon’s Bane (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 454

  • Elemental Mastery: 221

Although only usable by Pyro characters, Dragon’s Bane is great for elemental reaction-based team compositions.

It ascends with Elemental Mastery and increases damage against enemies affected by Pyro, which makes it a great weapon for polearm characters in Vaporize, Melt, or Overcharged teams.

Use on: Xiangling, Thoma, Hu Tao

Crescent Pike (Craftable)

  • Base ATK: 565

  • Physical DMG Bonus: 34.5%

Great for physical damage dealers, the Crescent Pike ascends with Physical DMG Bonus and has a passive that increases normal and charged attack damage whenever you pick up an elemental particle.

It’s also easy to refine because it’s craftable, making it a nice choice for a free-to-play Physical DMG DPS.

Use on: Rosaria, Xiangling, Zhongli

Deathmatch (Battle Pass)

  • Base ATK: 454

  • Crit Rate: 36.8%

Available as one of the options to get when you buy the Battle Pass, Deathmatch is a great standard polearm you can use for your DPS as it ascends with Crit Rate.

Its passive also increases your attack depending on the number of enemies you're facing, which is a good but inconsistent buff.

Best on: Rosaria, Zhongli, Xiao, Hu Tao

Prototype Starglitter (Craftable)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • Energy Recharge: 45.9%

The Prototype Starglitter is a polearm you can use for your DPS if you want them to be a little more independent from your team.

Its Energy Recharge substat helps give you constant uptime on your burst and the passive increases your Normal and Charged Attack damage after using your Elemental skill. It’s also easier to refine because it’s craftable.

Use on: Xiao, Rosaria, Xiangling, Yun Jin, Hu Tao


From left to right: Blackcliff Pole, Lithic Spear. (Photos: HoYoverse)
From left to right: Blackcliff Pole, Lithic Spear. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Blackcliff Pole (Starglitter Shop)

  • Base ATK: 510

  • Crit DMG: 55.1%

Although only available in the Starglitter Shop, the Blackcliff Pole is the only 4-star polearm that ascends with Crit DMG.

That means it’s great to use when you’re lacking some Crit and don’t have Staff of Homa. The passive, although not consistently reliable, also increases your ATK.

Use on: Xiao, Xiangling, Rosaria, Zhongli, Hu Tao

Lithic Spear (Gacha)

  • Base ATK: 565

  • ATK%: 27.6%

The Lithic Spear is a very niche polearm. Its passive increases the wielder’s Crit Rate depending on the number of Liyue characters you have on your team, so it’s really only usable to its full potential by Liyue characters.

That being said, it isn’t all that bad, the Crit Rate increase is something you rarely see in 4-star weapons.

Use on: Xiao, Hu Tao, Xiangling, Zhongli, Yun Jin


From left to right: Kitain Cross Spear, Dragonspine Spear, Royal Spear. (Photos: HoYoverse)
From left to right: Kitain Cross Spear, Dragonspine Spear, Royal Spear. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Kitain Cross Spear (Craftable)

  • Base ATK: 565

  • Elemental Mastery: 110

This Inazuma craftable weapon sees your skill damage increase at the cost of your energy, but also regenerates energy over the next six seconds.

It’s not really bad but not that great either. It also ascends with Elemental Mastery, which is kind of weird as it can only benefit users who need that Elemental Mastery increase.

Use on: Thoma, Hu Tao, Xiangling, Rosaria

Dragonspine Spear (Craftable)

  • Base ATK: 454

  • Physical DMG Bonus: 69%

Although the Dragonspine Spear has a higher physical damage bonus than the Crescent Pike, its passive doesn’t buff your character and only occasionally drops an icicle that does AoE damage.

It’s not totally ideal to use, but not a total waste either.

Use on: Rosaria, Xiangling, Zhongli

Royal Spear (Starglitter Shop)

  • Base ATK: 565

  • ATK%: 27.6%

As with the other weapons in the Royal series, the Royal Spear is a decent weapon in the early game that falls off as you get to the late game.

The passive, although increasing Crit Rate by 8% with 5 stacks max, isn’t really reliable.

Use on: Xiangling, Xiao, Hu Tao

Look out for our 4-star weapon rankings for the other weapon types in Genshin Impact soon!

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