Randy Rainbow And Mike Johnson Share A Saucy Gay Moment In Fake Interview

Comedian Randy Rainbow confronted House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) about his record of anti-gay views in a mock “interview” posted Monday. The exchange even yielded a brief moment of fake understanding. (Watch the video below.)

Rainbow often precedes his famous spoof musical videos by splicing together clips of himself asking questions and footage of public figures “answering” them.

The religious-right Johnson made the perfect foil.

“You have been very vocal about your disdain for homosexuality through the years, Melvin,” Rainbow said, one of many instances in the video where he blanks on Johnson’s first name. “And some of your past comments are making the rounds, particularly the ones in favor of criminalizing gay sex.”

“I don’t even remember some of them,” Johnson said.

“Oh honey, I totally get it,” Rainbow replied. “I almost never remember gay sex either.”

The video ultimately revealed itself as a promotion for the Emmy and Grammy nominee’s “Randy Rainbow for President” comedy tour. But Rainbow being a real candidate might not be a such bad idea either.

“Someone’s gonna need to protect democracy as long as you’re around,” Rainbow sniped at Johnson. “And from what we’ve seen, that could be... up to several weeks.”