Randy Pangalila says an honour to work on "Perjalanan Pertama"

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19 Jul – It was an honour, said Indonesian actor Randy Pangalila, who previously collaborated with Malaysian veteran star Datuk Ahmad Tamimi Siregar in the movie, "Perjalanan Pertama".

The actor, who plays a minor role in the movie by Arief Malinmudo, stated that he was truly attracted to the project, seeing that it is a movie about the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson.

"It's rarely being depicted in movies. No matter the budget, or whether the role is big or small, what's more important is the message conveyed," he said.

'Perjalanan Pertama' stars Datuk Ahmad Tamimi Siregar
'Perjalanan Pertama' stars Datuk Ahmad Tamimi Siregar

The film, which was released this month in Indonesia and to be screened in Malaysia in August, is a heartwarming road trip movie that follows the relationship of Tan and his grandson Yahya as they embark on a journey to deliver a wedding dowry.

On the other hand, when asked if he would do more Malaysian projects in the future, Randy said that he missed filming in the country and would like to do so in the future.

"We actually have discussed about several projects including the second season of Gantung the Series, but all of them had to be postponed due to the pandemic. I hope it will be resumed soon," he added.

Randy Pangalila hopes for 'Gantung The Series 2'
Randy Pangalila hopes for 'Gantung The Series 2'

(Photo Source: Randy Pangalila Instagram, Remaja)

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