Ramen Bar Shishido announces limited edition croissant ramen

Malaysians are no strangers to fusion cuisine. From traditional Nyonya dishes to localised Western food like masak lemak cili api pasta, we’ve seen it all— or have we?

Ramen Bar Shishido located in The Gasket Alley, Petaling Jaya announced the latest addition to their evergrowing menu: Croissant ramen

Ramen Bar Shishido - Croissant ramen promotional poster

Yeah, I’m scratching my head too.

Ramen Bar Shishido - Croissant ramen

For a limited time starting from 1 Mar 2023, you too can sink your teeth into a flaky, buttery croissant dipped in creamy tonkotsu miso soup. The ramen shop took to its Facebook and Instagram to let customers know about this new item, describing it as a bowl of hot, black garlic curry soup topped with 2 slices of char siew, brown shimeji mushrooms, bean sprouts, cabbage, an egg, and of course, a croissant. 

For Ramen Bar Shishido, unexpected flavour combinations are as common as plain white rice in a Malaysian household. On Valentine’s Day, they presented us with chocolate ramen. Other interesting menu items they’ve had in the past include nasi lemak dry ramen and matcha ramen

Don’t worry, they also serve more standard and tame ramen. You can choose between 6 different types of broth: pork, black garlic pork, spicy pork, curry pork, basil pork, and pepper pork. They even allow you to mix up to three soups to create a unique flavour bomb. One bowl of ramen starts from RM26.

Other than ramen, customers can also try out items like cheese curry rice (RM25), teriyaki pork don (RM16), and age gyoza (RM10 for 3 pieces).

Ramn Bar Shishido - Storefront

If you have adventurous taste buds, or just really enjoy dipping bread into hot soup, check out Ramen Bar Shishido before it sells out!

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