Ralph Lauren doesn't view himself as a fashion designer

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has never considered himself to be a fashion designer.

The American star made the unlikely admission while speaking about his new HBO documentary, Very Ralph, which follows his rise to success.

Explaining how he prefers traditional styles and timeless pieces, he told British newspaper The Telegraph: "I hate fashion. I never thought of myself as a fashion designer. It was more about timeless things I liked - and values."

Lauren insisted that his goal was to "make things beautiful" and doesn't mind being criticised over his ideas.

"I like old things, but that doesn't make me boring. It's how you style them. I love to make things beautiful. Who doesn't appreciate that?" the 80-year-old shared.

While he has an eye for chic and classic pieces, Lauren also revealed that his children - sons Andrew, 50, and David, 48, and daughter Dylan, 45 - hated him choosing clothes for them when they were younger.

"I used to pick out things from very traditional children's shops in London for Dylan, and she'd refuse to wear them. The kids in her class were just not wearing that kind of stuff," he recalled.

Elsewhere in the interview, the industry icon also discussed being rejected for a role at large U.S. retailer Saks Fifth Avenue early on his career.

"I don't know what happened to that person who interviewed me. But I'm still here," he quipped.

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