Rainie Yang shares how Li Ronghao popped the question

23 Aug – Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang recently shared for the first time how fiancé Li Ronghao's proposed to her back in July.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who was in Beijing on 22 August to attend a press conference held by EMI, shared that she had no clue that Li would propose that morning on 11 July, as she thought that they were only going on a vacation to celebrate his 34th birthday.

"When I posted that photo where I wished him a happy birthday, he hasn't proposed yet. He did it after I posted the photo online, which really surprised me," she said.

Rainie stated that she always regarded herself as someone who is very observant, but that the singer's proposal came as a surprise to her.

"He really arranged it perfectly," she said.

The singer stated that she cried when he popped the question, and six of their friends were there to witness the occasion with their own cameras.

"I will definitely share videos and photos of them with you in the future," she said.

Following the proposal, Rainie said she called her mother to tell her the good news.

"She didn't answer the phone. So instead, I sent her a short message. She was very upset when she found out because she was not at the scene," said Rainie, lightheartedly.

Asked if Li promised anything during the proposal, Rainie said that the singer didn't say anything.

"I think he has a lot of things he keeps inside, but I will not ask him to be the person he is not. His gesture touched me enough," she said.

(Photo Source: Rainie Yang Instagram)