Raffles City to be Omoté’s second home this coming Nov 2022

Modern Japanese fusion restaurant, Omoté, will be opening a new outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre this coming Nov 2022. This will be the restaurant’s second outlet after its first at Thomson Plaza.

Omoté - New-outlet exterior

Much to the delight of netizens, the popular restaurant announced the new outlet in a post on Facebook. Omoté is known for its chirashi dons, or rice bowl sets, which are affordable without compromising on quality.

Popular options include Truffle Roasted Garlic Chirashi (S$23.80++), a truffle-infused rice bowl topped with crunchy garlic, and also the Spicy Lobster Triple Chirashi (S$23.80++) that has spicy marinated lobster and spicy salmon tartare.

Omoté - Grilled Salmon Belly Teriyaki
Omoté - Grilled Salmon Belly Teriyaki

When we reviewed its original outlet in 2020, we praised it for being affordable as well as providing good quality ingredients that did justice to Japanese cuisine. The Grilled Salmon Belly Teriyaki (S$32.80++) was so flawlessly tender that it could be swallowed almost without chewing!

Omoté - Spicy River Grilled Squid
Omoté - Spicy River Grilled Squid

One of our favourites was the Spicy River Grilled Squid (S$18.80++), which is drenched with a Thai-inspired pestled lemongrass and chilli infusion. It left us wanting more with its distinct burnt taste and expertly charred tentacles.

Another way that Omoté pays homage to Japanese cuisine is through the amount of variety that is available on the menu. It goes from your basic Tori Karaage (S$9.80++) to the offbeat Gyu Enokitake (S$15.80++), a pan-seared enoki roll of beef with brown sesame cream and light shichimi spices. 

Omoté - close up maki rolls

You can even get your classic sushi rolls such as Cali Four (S$10.80++) and Uniage Dragon (S$17.80++). One thing’s for sure— work lunches are never going to be the same this November with Omoté’s newest outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre!

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