RADWIMPS kick off 2017 Asia Tour in Singapore

RADWIMPS in Singapore. (Photo: Aloysius Lim)

Japanese rock band RADWIMPS may have been one member shy, but that did not stop them from bringing the Singapore crowd their brand of music on Sunday (4 June).

Lead vocalist Yojiro Noda, 32, guitarist Akira Kuwahara, 32, and bassist Yusuke Takeda, 32, were in town over the weekend for the one-night only show as part of their 2017 Asia Live Tour at the Megabox Event Hall, although drummer Satoshi Yamaguchi missed out.

A day before their concert in front of a sell-out crowd of 2,000, the three members spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore about what made performing in Singapore unique.

“I think it’s very mixed compared to other Asian countries,” band leader Noda said, citing the diversity of the people he saw while on the way to the hotel. “I think that’s very unique.”

Another example was brought up later, when the band recollected their visit to Little India the last time they were in Singapore.

“But there was a Chinese restaurant inside Little India… which is a little bit confusing,” Noda said with a laugh, adding that they had paper chicken (a popular Chinese dish) there.

Yusuke Takeda (Photo: Alvin Ho)

On the topic of food, Takeda, who has previously mentioned that he likes laksa, said there was nothing in Japan that was comparable with the dish, probably because of the coconut milk used.

The band, whose music was recently heard in 2016’s smash hit anime “Your Name”, also remembered a lot of people coming from Malaysia and Indonesia for their last concert in Singapore but regretted that they were not able to fit both countries in to their tour this time around either.

For the Singapore concert, Kuwahara said that they had a lot more news songs to play for fans. The band also said they were looking forward to playing at a bigger venue this time around. Among the songs they treated fans to on Sunday were “Zenzenzense”, “Sparkle” and “Oshakasama”.

Akira Kuwahara, Yusuke Takeda and Yojiro Noda. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

And if there was one thing from Singapore that RADWIMPS could bring back to Japan with them from our sunny island?

“The casino,” said Kuwahara, who is a frequent visitor to the island, having been here over the New Year. Casinos were previously illegal in Japan, although the country is now considering where to place its own integrated resorts.

Following their stop in Singapore, RADWIMPS will be headed to Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Taipei.

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