Radiohead defies blackmailers and other top lifestyle news to know


By: Jade Yong

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Radiohead defies blackmailers and released music treasure trove

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke said on the website that they had been hacked and blackmailed for $150,000, where 18-hours of private recordings from their OK Computer album in 1997 were compromised. They responded by making all 18-hours available to the public for £18, and donating all proceeds to Extinction Rebellion, an organisation campaigning for environmental issues.

Frozen 2 trailer released and fans are ecstatic

Just yesterday, Disney released the trailer for the sequel of “Frozen”, much to the delight of fans. In the trailer, the sisters Elsa and Anna go on an epic adventure across an enchanted land at their attempt to figure out the past, in hopes of securing the future, “Lords of the Ring”-style. Watch the trailer here.

“Social media access from age 2 damages children” experts say

Experts are saying that children who have access to social media or potential exposure to inappropriate content online, could have damages to their mental health in the long run. Staff of the organisation that published the report expressed alarm that parents were unknowingly damaging their children by handing them mobile devices like smart phone and tablets to occupy them.

Serena Williams the only female athlete on “Forbes” 100

It’s still a sad state of affairs when “Forbes” released its list of 100 of the world’s highest paid athletes, and only one female is on it - Serena Williams. Williams is a 23-time Grand Slam champion and the only female athlete to make it on the list that includes salaries, prize money, and endorsements.

Meghan Markle to edit “British Vogue”

The Duchess of Sussex will be playing editor in the September issue of “British Vogue”, on top of contributing an opinion piece and a photo spread at Frogmore Cottage. This is, however, not her first foray into the world of content publishing. She was previously the founder and editor of “The Tig”, a now-defunct website on lifestyle news that was shut down two years ago so she could focus on her royal duties.