Rachel Zegler Shuts Down a Troll on Twitter Asking If She's "Shaved Her Back"

rachel zegler
Rachel Zegler Flawlessly Shuts Down a TrollGareth Cattermole - Getty Images

Rachel Zegler has been dealing with pretty much non-stop trolling thanks to the drama surrounding Snow White (explainer on that whole thing over this way), and unfortunately she's no stranger to rude comments from trolls online.

And in response to a random stranger who asked "did you finally shave your back?" (the implication being that having body hair is a bad thing—it isn't—or literally anyone's business—it isn't), Rachel wrote "no i think hair is natural and cool!!!!!!!!"

Yes to this!

FYI, Rachel recently (and pretty subtly) addressed the cruel comments that have been levied against her amid Snow White backlash, saying on Twitter "i hope the world becomes kinder," followed by "i love you very much. forever and ever. remember to be kind. treat each other with patience and empathy. remember that you are loved unconditionally, no matter your mistakes, no matter your misunderstandings. you deserve it. you deserve love. you deserve to live without fear. x"

She also recently liked a post that shouted out Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, and Lorde's lyrics about being 19, adding "being 19 is hard enough without being in the public eye and these women made me feel very seen without even knowing."

Treat Rachel Zegler better, internet!

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