Rabbi Shmuley Dresses as ‘Candace Owens Jew’ for Purim Holiday | Video

Candace Owens and The Daily Wire “ended their relationship” on Friday after the far-right commentator repeatedly clashed with her fellow far-right talking head and Daily Wire cofounder Ben Shapiro over her opposition to support for Israel and days after Owens liked a tweet on X (formerly Twitter) that asked if Rabbi Shmuley Boteach was “drunk on Christian blood again.” The news was celebrated by Rabbi Shmuley, a well-known and oft-controversial Jewish commentator who counseled Michael Jackson.

While celebrating the Jewish holiday Purim on Saturday night, Shmuley shared videos of his costume on social media — dressed up as a version of racist stereotypes of the Jewish people. He explained in one, “For Purim I’ve dressed up as a Candace Owens Jew (or is it just dress up? Or are we Jews deep down always like this… filth, Money, drunk on Christian blood.. and … dual loyalties for Israel).”

Shmuley, his daughter Chana and Owens have been feuding for years over what Shmuley has argued were antisemitic comments from Owens. The pair first sparred over Owens’ defense of Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) and his antisemitic comments in 2022.

“I felt that since Candace got fired on Friday, I may as well try and bring her some Purim cheer by validating all her views about Jews, at least for one day,” Shmuley added.

Owens and the Daily Wire did not describe her exit from the outlet as a firing, with Owens herself writing that she was now “free.”

In the video Shmuley, who was dressed in a t-shirt with $100 bills printed on it, explained, “Hi everybody. Purim is a day of celebration. We feel bad Candance Owens lost her job, so I figured, with her image of what Jews are supposed to look like, why not at least validate her? I am dressed up as a Candace Owens Jew.”

He then indicated toward the young child he is holding in the video and added, “This is not a Christian child, this is a Jewish child.”

“But if it would be, I’ve got my ‘Christian blood,'” he continued as he pretended to sip a drink of “Christian blood” from a red drink container. “Mmm, spicy, delicious. I’ve got my Jewish nose. I have ‘filth,'” he added, pointing to the word written across his forehead, “because Jews are all filth, and more than anything else, what does [indecipherable] have?” he asked before throwing his arms up as onlookers chimed in, “Money!”

“Yeah, we Jews are all about money!” he continued before making jokes about adding the “Christian blood” to the matzah (which is not eaten in the 30 days before Passover) and that he was “getting drunk” on said blood.

“Purim is a day when our enemies fall, my brothers and sisters,” Shmuley added. “If this is the way they want us to look, I’ll do it for one night. I’ll indulge them.”

On March 7, Owens tweeted (while also spelling Shmuley’s name incorrectly), “Rabbi Schmuley and his hag daughter have spent TWO YEARS harassing me publicly with smears, complete with demands that I suffer financially for not parroting their perspectives. I’ve had enough.”

“They also routinely attack Christians. I have had enough of people that engage in this sort of obvious, manipulative monstrous behavior while simultaneously pretending that they are being victimized,” she later added. “Rabbi Schmuley’s deep hatred for blacks, Muslims and Christians is beyond evident by his public commentary. Stop telling the very people that he attacks that we need to be silent because he calls himself a rabbi.”

Days later, Owens accused the “unholy rabbi” of “promoting a website that sells vibrators and butt plugs on behalf of his daughter.” Chana has operated a sex shop in Tel Aviv since 2019, while her father himself has written a number of books about sex, including 2003’s “Kosher Sex” and 2014’s “Kosher Lust.”

On Sunday, commentator Piers Morgan defended Shmuley, his daughter and Chana’s shop on his show. Morgan said that if Owens accepts his offer to appear on his show, “She can say what the hell she likes in response, but I think it’s also fair to say she’s been doing that anyway when it comes to Rabbi Shmuley.”

“As for a kosher sex shop,” Morgan continued, “why not? Why shouldn’t Jewish people be allowed to have sex if they want to use stuff from a sex shop? Why should they be excluded from doing so? Why should we feel that’s anything bad? Sex is wholesome, people. You should try [it].”

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