R-Chord makes public apology to Jacky Wu

23 Aug - Taiwanese singer R-Chord (Hsieh Ho-hsien) recently made a public apology to senior entertainer Jacky Wu for the mistake he made in the past.

As reported on ET Today, the singer, who appeared at a live campus band concert as a performer, used the chance to address the statement he made on Facebook back in 2013, which angered Jacky so much that he sued for defamation.

Five years ago, R-Chord posted a message on Facebook, which read, "To showbiz seniors, especially the ones surnamed Hu and Wu, I hope you will not use your power to lure girls who have dreams of fame to your bed."

Although he later said his sorry and explained his issue with manic-depressive psychosis, R-Chord decided to formally apologised again at the live event.

"I want to take the advantage of having the cameras here, and shared that many years ago, I hurt a senior and seriously damaged his reputation. Today, I would like to extend my deepest apology. I am so sorry, Mr. Wu," said the singer, before giving a bow for six seconds to show his sincerity.

Jacky, who was also at the event, later went on stage and revealed that he has accepted R-Chord's apology.

"He has the right to write whatever he wants, but he has no right to hurt others," he added.

Jacky also invited the singer to his concert, which will be held in July next year.

(Photo Source: ltn.com.tw)