R.chord Hsieh’s Estranged Pregnant Wife Accuses His Mistress Of Offering Sex To Get Fame


It has been a month since she reported her husband, Taiwanese singer-songwriter R.chord Hsieh, to the police for illegal drug use.

And when R.chord publicly announced his extra-marital affair with young and pretty live streamer Liya, and that he’s divorcing her, she remained silent.

On Tuesday (Jan 7), Keanna Taiyh, who is pregnant, finally responded to the public humiliation.

In a long Instagram post, which seems to be directed entirely at Liya without naming anyone, Keanna criticised Liya, calling her a scheming woman who offered sex to gain fame in showbiz.

Her post read: “First of all, R.chord’s behaviour isn’t due to his illness. He’s well aware of what he’s doing. So… [what about] you?

“You’re one of them, the one who is the most immoral, who exploited a bipolar patient’s impulsive behaviour and impulsive sex behaviour.

“You even sent glorified statements to the media, saying how thankful you are to R.chord for helping you when you were harassed. Protecting you?

“Protecting in such a way that you arranged to stay in the same room as my husband and slept with him?

“Sleeping to the point that he’s going to film a music video of you. If this isn’t trying to gain fame using shallow methods, I don’t know what it is. My grandmother said, ‘if you tell lies, your tongue will be ripped out in hell.’ I hope this is true.

“At this moment, you are the only one who has been exposed. After all, the rest of the girls are now avoiding (him) and do not dare to contact (him), so it’s just you and him. So (the two of you) act like you’ve known each other for a long time and have a deep relationship.

View Keanna Taiyh’s full post here.

“But in actual fact, you were flirting with another guy in late November. The first time you met my husband was only on Dec 4 at the hot spring.

“Back then, you even deliberately tracked me, and ‘liked’ so many of my Instagram posts to get my attention.

“(You are) truly scheming with an ugly heart. I clap for you.”

View Liya’s full post here.

In return, Liya posted a reply on her Instagram story. Without directly referencing Keanna, she said Keanna is pretending to be a victim.

“This is all because you didn’t love anymore… I’m still the one who’s the most confused in the world.”

R.chord also responded, saying: “Keanna is the one who wants fame the most, she has the ugliest heart.”

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