How Qualcomm hopes to make tomorrow's cities smarter

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Qualcomm aims to help the world's largest cities with its technology offering.

Qualcomm's Smart Cities program, which aims to provide cities around the world with solutions to make them "smarter," more responsive and more resilient, now has more than 400 partners. The challenge now is to convince municipalities to adopt such infrastructure.

The goal of this program is to accelerate the transformation of so-called smart cities. It is designed to connect municipalities, government agencies and tech companies, so they can work together to improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of these cities.

The ecosystem developed by the American company Qualcomm now includes more than 400 members. This includes hardware and software providers, as well as solutions in the cloud or specializing in artificial intelligence. The idea now is to implement all this infrastructure and customize it according to the cities, their size and their needs, and in different areas such as energy, transportation, security, logistics, agriculture, etc.

Qualcomm is now promoting the program to a number of cities, most recently Miami, St. Louis and San Jose, which have been approached to determine what technologies they will need to effectively navigate the post-covid era.

David Bénard

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