Qi Yuwu on Joanne Peh filming intimate scenes: 'She doesn't have to ask me'

The celebrity couple were asked about Peh's scenes in the local period drama Last Madame

Joanne Peh in Last Madame and with husband Qi Yuwu
Qi Yuwu says wife Joanne Peh (right) doesn’t need his approval to film intimate scenes, such as those in Last Madame (left). (Photos: Mediacorp, Instagram/joannepeh)

It’s 2023 and celebrity couple Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh are keeping up with the times when it comes to gender roles and expectations.

During last week’s episode of Mediacorp’s Just Swipe Lah, host Das DD put the power couple in the proverbial hot seat as he asked Peh about her 20-year showbiz career.

The topic of Peh’s intimate scenes (which included her first nude scene) in the local drama Last Madame was brought up, as the actress had previously said that she didn’t want to film such scenes after getting married to Qi in 2014.

Addressing the turn of events, 40-year-old Peh replied, “It was a story that attracted me very much because of the era and the setting. And it’s also about how women overcome various difficulties.

“During the filming process, I felt that I trusted the entire production team quite well. The executive producer also said they hoped that I will do the bed scenes myself.”

A clip of the scene was screened for Qi to watch, and he maintained a poker face despite Peh’s visible embarrassment.

Peh also said that the production team was showing clips that Qi had not watched before.

Surprisingly, Qi, 46, didn’t feel at all bothered by the scenes and said there weren’t any “bad feelings”.

“I’m more about watching her performance,” he added.

Though they didn’t discuss the filming of these scenes, Qi explained that Peh didn’t need his approval.

I think the most important thing is her. She’s also an adult, she doesn’t have to ask me if I can accept it.Qi Yuwu on wife Joanne Peh's nude scenes

“Firstly, can she accept it? Because she’s female and she’s also an actress, she must have her own stand and her own standards. I think that she doesn’t have to ask me if she can do this.”

Peh also shared her “complete trust” in her husband, adding, “He will understand and I think that he will support me.”

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