Pusha T launches hip hop discovery app 'heir'

Pusha-T has announced a series of upcoming tour dates in the USA

Rapper Pusha T has announced that he and a team have a music discovery app in the works that is currently accepting sign-ups for early access.

"Real people, real stakes, real rewards," reads the heir website, positioning the app as an alternative to the likes and follows of other social media.

As the app's website explains, heir allows hip-hop fans to vote hip-hop tracks up or down -- on fire or "dead on arrival" -- with real consequences for their vote: top voters can earn rewards for helping to uncover the best hip-hop tracks.

Those rewards come in the form of the digital currency Crown, which you can win or lose, and save up to either cash out as real money or for other rewards that "money-can't-buy." For example, Crown can gain you early or exclusive access to an artist's next tour or track.

Emerging artists can use Crown to "buy the attention" of a tastemaker or another artist, soliciting feedback and potentially kicking off a dialogue.

"Crown powers a supply of rewards limited only by the heir community's collective imagination," explains the website.

In addition to Pusha T -- who is also president of Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music -- the heir team is led by tech entrepreneur Summer Watson, who previously worked on TuneIn and Playdom.

Sign up for early access at www.heirapp.com.