Pure, Minimal, Natural: A simplified routine for better skin, made in Singapore



Time is of the essence, people. It’s such a struggle to maintain that ideal work-life-play balance, isn’t it? As busy Coconauts, we definitely feel you. So, let us take a break from the latest news and talk about the part of our body that suffers so much from stress, makeup, weather, pollution, and lack of sleep (the deadline struggle is real).

Instead of wearing yesterday’s smokey eye, smudging the sheets with that red lip, or worse, forgetting your nightly skincare routine, we have an idea. How about wiping away a few steps to achieve a cleansed, nourished and rejuvenated face every day?



Can’t skip this step, that’s for sure. Use micellar water on a cotton pad to easily remove makeup at the end of a long day. Sure, there might be a honey, avocado, oatmeal, baking soda, coconut oil mask waiting in your fridge if you’ve hit the shops recently, but remember, you don’t have time for that. To complete the step use your fave cleansing wash and rinse with water. This takes less than 3 minutes, and you can pick these items up at any drugstore.



We know what you’re thinking, doesn’t this take up time? No, because all you need is a clean face (check!) to apply the mask and you can go back to being your usual productive self. Just leave that mask on for 10 minutes and voila, you’re done. You’ve just saved yourself precious minutes of scrubbing and toning, and prepped your beautiful skin morning.

What to try: UNI Acne Skin Intensive Healing Mask — a nourishing mask for all skin types (even baby-faced sensitive-skinned ladies) that also takes care of acne. Take that, stress breakouts!



More nourishing? Well, yes, unless you don’t mind under moisturized and prematurely aged skin. (Didn’t think so.) But guess what, this is the fastest step of the entire facial ritual.

To keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay, go for UNI Reverse Skin Regeneration Essence to intensely hydrate your skin, because dehydrated skin = aging skin.

To stop acne breakouts before they even start, apply UNI Acne Skin Treatment Essence. Get facial excess oil under control and soothe acne spots with this time saving essence. Just apply and massage. How easy is that?

Photo: UNI Skincare
Photo: UNI Skincare

For the guys

If the man in your life is starting to look a little too rugged, well, we have something for him too. Of course, it’s got to be incredibly simple for dudes because anything that takes more than a minute is a complete turn-off.

Guys, go ahead and apply UNI Skin Cell Activation and Regeneration Essence morning or night. Deep nourishing power will seep through your tough manly skin to boost regeneration and cell renewal. And FYI, the essence contains active ingredients MIRA, extracted from the exoskeletons of crustaceans, to accelerate the cell regeneration.

Let’s recap how long the whole facial routine took. Cleansing and washing: 2 minutes-ish. Apply facial mask: barely a minute. Nourish with essence (including massage): another minute. The whole pampering process is only under 5 minutes — from start to finish.

Don’t just listen to us though, try the routine yourself, and see if how many precious minutes we’ve saved you. UNI skincare products are 100% Singapore made, plus they’re naturally formulated and free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, and harmful chemical additives. Get your hands on these nourishing skin care goods from UNI online or in-person at Robinsons Raffles City, and find out more about the UNI brand here.

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