Here Are Publix's Thanksgiving Hours, Just in Case You Run out of Butter

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Here Are Publix's Thanksgiving Hours, Just in Case You Run out of Butter

We know you've been planning your Thanksgiving menu for a while now. You've got your stuffing all ready to go, you know just how much turkey to serve everyone, and the Thanksgiving cakes and pies are ready to be eaten. But we all know that even the most prepared of us tends to forget one ingredient that we need to complete our festive dinner. When that happens, we tend to head to our favorite grocery store to stock up on whatever it is we're missing. For many of us, that store is Publix. But last year, Publix was closed on Thanksgiving, so before you head out, you'll want to know ...

... is Publix open on Thanksgiving 2021?

You actually won't be able to enjoy a famous Pub Sub on Thanksgiving Day. "As is our traditional policy, we will close all stores on Thanksgiving so that our associates may celebrate the holidays with their loved ones," a spokesperson told

Although that's a bummer for some, it's wonderful that Publix employees will get to enjoy the holiday at home.

Target and Walmart have also decided to close their doors this year. But don't worry — there are a handful of other stores staying open on Thanksgiving where you can stop by and get all your groceries. And if you decide to take a break from cooking all of your famous Thanksgiving recipes, there are also a handful of restaurants that will be open too. So no matter what's going on, there's no need to stress—you have tons of options!

But if you have your heart set on shopping at Publix for all your ingredients, just make sure you do it before November 25.

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