From puberty, maternity to menopause – all that a woman needs in her life stages

A woman's body undergoes immense changes as we go through different life stages, from puberty to maternity to menopause. Get access to the relevant apparel and items that will support every life stage a woman goes through, starting from tweens to old age.

Yahoo Shopping zones in on a list of merchants and brands that support you and the females in your life. Check out the essentials for the different life stages a woman goes through.

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Girls playing hula hoop on the beach. PHOTO: Getty Images
Girls playing hula hoop on the beach. PHOTO: Getty Images

One of the tell-tale signs of puberty is the development of breasts in girls. Puberty and adolescence can be tough. Besides all that hormones wrecking havoc in the body and playing tricks on the emotions, females have to undergo the development of breasts, which can be a traumatic and painful process for some. If you are a mum, godma, aunt or elder sister, don’t shy away from this beautiful stage of your daughter/god-daughter/niece/sister’s life to introduce her to the wonders of becoming a woman. Be sure to instil the importance of respect and self-care for one’s body.

Here are a couple of training bras and bralettes for the woman-to-be. I have fond memories of being accompanied by my elder sister for a bra fitting. So take this opportunity to induct the young lady into the wondrous world of womanhood.

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Fake it till you make it. PHOTO: Getty Images
Fake it till you make it. PHOTO: Getty Images

As a fully grown woman, you are either mugging your way through exams, dipping your toes into the dating scene or doing your best to impact the boardroom while juggling the monthly cycle in the name of humankind. But before men can give birth (let’s hope in our lifetime, maybe?), women will continue to endure the trials and tribulations of the pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS), suck it up and press on during workdays. The gnawing pain, splitting headaches, sore breasts, loose bowels every month for a week are no joke.

To ease the monthly PMS, we present to you the amazing invention where uncomfortable sanitary pads are no longer needed – the period pants! And of course, on heavy days, feminine care is still necessary, but we could opt for more eco-friendly options such as the menstrual cup or reusable sanitary pads.

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Toddler girl kiss her mother belly. PHOTO: Getty Images
Toddler girl kiss her mother belly. PHOTO: Getty Images

As Atticus Finch pointed out to his young daughter Scout in the American classic To Kill a Mockingbird,

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”

The same goes for many women who experienced motherhood and truly embraced the concept of boundless love a mother can have for one’s child. The notion of self-sacrifice and putting someone else above you have never been more apparent once you become a mother. At this stage, many women reconnect or bond with their mothers.

Thanks to the advancement in our society and being first-worlders, easing into the role of a mother does not mean 10 months of looking downy. Yahoo Shopping sourced for a few merchants where women can feel beautiful again, pre-and post-natal.

Shop maternity wear on ASOS

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Daughter hugging and sit with older mother. PHOTO: Getty Images
Daughter hugging and sit with older mother. PHOTO: Getty Images

As a woman approaches her 50s, apart from dealing with greys, creaky bones, thinning hair, incontinence and sagging skin, she may also experience hot flushes and changes in the menstrual cycle. Besides having a female tribe to rely on and exchange top tips about ageing gracefully, the right supplements and footwear may help you transition into your golden years.

Never step out of the house without the most comfortable shoes in the world. We think MBT and Skechers fit the bill.

Walk on clouds with MBT shoes Spare your feet the daily torture with Skechers shoes Shop supplements to support menopause on iHerb undefined at iherb

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Uniqlo ups its game with LifeWear for her

Known for their affordable, quality and functional designs, Uniqlo has always been a forerunner in bringing innovative apparel such as Airism, Heatech, foldable down jackets and their collaborations with well-known designers. With the newly launched Uniqlo LifeWear for her, the brand enhances the lives of all females through the power of clothing. Be sure to look out for innerwear for girls, bra tops, wireless bras, maternity innerwear, absorbent shorts, skorts, and the AIRism innerwear for women of all ages. Their wide range of products promises to serve the needs of every woman at every life stage from childhood, adolescence, maturation, menopause and even in the later years.

Uniqlo LifeWear for her is exclusively at ION Orchard, #B2-01/38 and #B3-51/52 or shop Uniqlo on Lazada.

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