PSLE And O-Level Oral Exams To Be Held In Person This Year Despite Covid-19 Restrictions

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The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) and O-levels oral exams in Singapore will still be held in person this year. Despite the tightened Covid-19 measures, students are still expected to physically sit through these exams.

The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) will be monitoring the situation. They will also be providing updates to exam arrangements.

PSLE And O-Levels Oral Exams In Singapore To Be Held In Person This Year

o-levels in singapore
o-levels in singapore

Image source: Facebook / Ministry of Education, Singapore

The SEAB tells The Straits Times that oral examinations need to be conducted in person. This is to align with the teaching and learning methods of language subjects in schools that focus on face-to-face communication.

“A change in the mode of the oral examination would result in candidates being less prepared to perform and interact with the examiners in an online setting,” says a SEAD spokesman.

Having face-to-face interactions will also allow oral examiners to observe candidates more closely. This way, they’ll be able to provide prompts to students if needed.

The O-levels oral exams in Singapore are scheduled to start in July.

Schools To Ensure That Social Distancing Measures Will Be Followed

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SEAB says they will also work closely with schools so that all social distancing measures are followed during the PSLE and O-levels oral exams.

The safety measures that will take in place include:

  • Clear plastic shields to be placed between the candidates and oral examiners

  • Facilities are to be disinfected

  • Students will be given staggering dismissal times

SEAB assures that it will continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation. They also shared that updates will be provided if ever changes are to be made regarding exam arrangements.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) adds that the mid-year GCE O- and A- level mother tongue examinations will also proceed as planned. This will come with strict safety management measures in place.

It was only last month when MOE announced that all schools were to shift to home-based learning until the end of the term on 28 May. The ministry has also urged parents to comply with its screening policy of keeping their children at home as much as possible.

Let us all continue to practice good personal hygiene and adhere to the new Covid-19 restrictions to keep our families safe.

Note: More information on these examinations to come. Follow theAsianparent for latest updates on education in Singapore.

Lead image source from Facebook / Ministry of Education, Singapore.


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