PSA: Zoey Deutch just chopped off all of her hair in favour of a short blonde pixie cut

zoey deutch extra short blonde pixie haircut
Zoey cuts off her hair for super short pixie styleJon Kopaloff - Getty Images

News just in of a highly important public service (beauty) announcement: Zoey Deutch just debuted the biggest hair transformation of 2024 so far and it comprises both a dramatic chop and colour change. 'Unrecognisable' doesn't even cut (soz) it, TBH...

Taking to Instagram just a few hours ago [4 March, 2024], the actor shared a headshot picture of herself with the shortest haircut she's ever had. Teasing her fans, followers and friends, Zoey wrote the following to caption her post: "surprise surpriseee ✂️".

Behold, the IG post in question:

It's giving metamorphosis in every sense of the word, wouldn't you agree? However, just in case you're unfamiliar with the star's signature hair look, take a look at the following to acquaint yourself with her previous style, colour and lengths.

She's gone from having chest-length brunette tresses and a full fringe to a peroxide blonde choppy pixie cut.

Not only did Zoey share this major hair news on social media but so did the genius behind the change, hair colourist and Redken ambassador Tracey Cunningham. Watch her very own video reel to see the process carried out by herself and hairstylist Bridget Brager from beginning to end, below.

Explaining the reasoning behind Zoey's new look, Tracey said that this hairstyle came "for her next movie." Continuing, she wrote the following to caption her post: "They wanted her to look like Jean Seberg. We didn't want to look like a current 2024 bleach and tone."

And we've got to say, the criteria was well and truly achieved; This cut and colour combination absolutley screams 1950s Jean Seberg!

Snaps all-round for Zoey and her glam squad, please and may we collectively pray for more daring beauty makeovers this coming spring season... One can hope, hey?

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