Protect your luggage with Coat & Fly’s long lasting antimicrobial coating for S$10, available at Changi Airport Terminal 3

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Did you know that your check-in luggage can be handled by more than 10 people for a single round-trip overseas? Given how transmissible COVID-19 is, it’s important to keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible— and that includes protecting our luggage from any potential viruses. 

Created by travellers for travellers, Coat & Fly is a new service that helps to spray your luggage with a self-disinfecting anti-viral coating, so that no matter where you go and who (or what) touches your luggage, it’ll be safe from 99.9% of viruses, including COVID-19.

Photo of Coat & Fly storefront
Credit – Coat & Fly

Launched on 12 May 2022 by SGtravelbug, you’ll find Coat & Fly’s fuss-free kiosk at Changi Airport Terminal 3’s Arrival Hall, next to the link bridge that takes you to Terminal 2.

All luggage sizes, including check-in luggage and odd-sized luggage, go for the same price— S$10 nett if you’re making a contactless e-payment by scanning the QR code on display, and S$16 if you’re paying over the counter. 

There is a reason behind its affordability. This service was created by fellow Singaporeans who wanted to keep the local community safe, especially the young and elderly, as well as to spread awareness on the importance of protecting your luggage from potential viruses.

This self-disinfecting antimicrobial coating can kill 99.9% of viruses, including COVID-19. That’s not all— the coating can last for months, with a guaranteed 99.9% efficiency for one whole month. And yes, this is backed up by a series of stringent tests! 

The coating is 100% biodegradable and 98% of its ingredients are from edible food sources, making it safe for babies and pets. Did I mention that the coating is non-sticky, smells great because of the yuzu extract, is made in Singapore, and has a certified green label too?

Photo of Coat & Fly
Credit – Coat & Fly

The fuss-free service is pretty straightforward. 

After payment is made (and I highly recommend you save that S$6 by going cashless and making a contactless e-payment), simply pop your luggage into the “Check-in” counter, and let the friendly staff do the work. 

After a few short minutes, your luggage will be ready for collection at the “Check-out” counter, and you and your family are good to go!

Photo of Coat & Fly
Credit – Coat & Fly

Before you zip off for your next flight, be sure to check out Coat & Fly’s adorable photo-op on the right of the kiosk! There’s a mock-up of an airplane window, perfect for snapping a photo for Instagram or TikTok.

In line with its theme of keeping you and your family safe while travelling, Coat & Fly is also giving away free hand sanitisers to the first 100 travelling customers daily. These hand sanitisers are free of harmful chemicals, and will help to moisturise and protect your hands for up to 24 hours, so be sure to grab them while stocks last.

In a bid to protect our frontliners, Coat & Fly is also extending permanent discounts to all airport crew and staff. All airport crew, regardless of airline, are eligible for a permanent 50% discount, while airport staff enjoy a permanent 10% discount on this new service.

* This post was brought to you in partnership with Coat & Fly.

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