How To Properly Charge Your Smartphone And Preserve Its Lifespan

When the moment comes to charge your smartphone, it’s important to take the right steps to avoid damaging the battery. Here are some tips on how to charge your smartphone properly, while preserving its lifespan.

How to charge a smartphone the right way

The first mistake that many people make is to systematically try to charge it to 100%. It’s better to let it charge up to 80% and leave it at that. In the same vein, it’s better not to wait until it’s nearly completely discharged to get to it. As soon as it reaches a level below 30%, you can set it to charge. This simple routine will ensure that in the long run the battery doesn’t get overly damaged. In fact, a complete cycle, from 0 to 100%, is only recommended very rarely, just to boost the battery from time to time, without affecting its optimal functioning.

In general it’s best that the smartphone does not exceed 45 degrees Celsius when charging, so even if it is possible to continue to use it while it’s charging, it is better to avoid most activities on it if you can — particularly playing games, which can quickly push it over this temperature. Similarly, you should not leave your phone in direct sunlight when it is plugged in. Repeated overheating, no matter how slight, can damage the battery and reduce its life.

Finally, in order not to saturate the electric network, it is strongly advised to charge your device in the middle of the afternoon or after 9pm, thus avoiding the “peak hours” of midday and early evening. Be careful never to leave the charger connected once the charge is complete, as this could damage the various components of the battery. It is therefore strongly advised to not plug in your smartphone and then go to bed while it charges to find it fully charged the next morning. Even though most smartphones nowadays detect when their battery is full, it is better to avoid this bad habit.

how to charge smartphone correctly
Some tips on how to charge your smartphone properly include not letting it charge to 100% frequently. You can unplug it at 80%. (Image: Chutharat Kamkhuntee/ Getty Images)

A universal charger for all

In the EU, the European Parliament recently adopted a text requiring the use of a common charger for all electronic devices. It will come into force in the fall of 2024 and will require all smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, to integrate a single USB-C charging socket.

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