"Projek: Anchor SPM" creator denies plagiarising "Bad Genius"

Heidi Hsia
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10 Mar –The creator of the new teen drama, "Projek: Anchor SPM" has dismissed allegations that the series is plagiarising the 2017's Thai movie, "Bad Genius".

Anwari Ashraf, who wrote and directed the series, stated that while the two shows highlighted the culture of "cheating" in exams, they are two very different stories.

"The biggest difference between Project: Anchor SPM and Bad Genius is the genre. Bad Genius is in the heist genre, while our project is in the young adult category. So when the genres are different, the story is different," he said.

Anwari stated that while there are similar scenes pertaining to the show and the movie, he is confident that viewers will be able to see the differences between the two.

"I have always been interested in the young adult genre of films and television and have always dreamed of introducing this genre to Malaysian audiences because it is rarely done. So, I try to find a topic that is close to the audience to highlight this genre. I'm sure many have experienced taking SPM or any other exams, so we bring students and exam topics to be the lifeblood of the series. I hope viewers will be entertained and learn the positive lessons from it," he added.

The cast of 'Projek: Anchor SPM'
The cast of 'Projek: Anchor SPM'

The upcoming series stars young actors including Aedy Aedy Ashraf, Daiyan Trisha, Shasha Abedul, Nadhir Nasar and Chubb-E, as well as seasoned actors Adlin Aman Ramlie, Hasnul Rahmat, Tony Eusoff and Susan Lankester.

(Photo Source: Aedy Ashraf Instagram)