Project Makeover: Kathleene's grit and determination to become better

A grin from ear to ear: the fashion makeover from Popstyle Manila was the perfect ending to Kathleene's makeover with Yahoo Philippines.

Editor's Note: Yahoo SHE’s Project Makeover chronicles real women and men from all walks of life going through a makeover — physical or otherwise. We believe that a meaningful makeover goes beyond what the eyes can see. If you would like to nominate someone for a makeover, tell us why in an email to

A simple makeover to boost her dwindling self-confidence was all that Kathleene Villafuerte requested from us.

And so we sought the help of makeup artist and hairstylist Jay Macasaddu, who gladly worked on Kathleene one Sunday afternoon at his salon in Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

But our Project Makeover has never been only about what's on the surface, because we firmly believe that change happens deep within, and what's outside is only a reflection of it.

Knowing this and wanting to help Kathleene on a deeper level, we sought the guidance of Dr. Randy Dellosa, clinical psychologist and psychiatrist, and our resident shrink on Yahoo Philippines.

"All of us have insecurities, whether they be about our looks, our abilities, or our self-worth," said Doc Randy. "Most people, however, have the capacity to set those insecurities aside and to simply focus on their good traits and strengths." 

"If a person obssesses about her weaknesses and is constantly terrified of being judged and belittled by others, then they get paralyzed in life and stop growing."

For Kathleene's case, Doc Randy had the following suggestions:

1. For Kathleene to be able to confide in someone who will empathize with her frailties and encourage her to be strong and rise up

2. For Kathleene to learn social skills and practice them in safe and non-threatening environment, like in a support group

3. For Kathleene to learn relaxation and stress management techniques as she starts venturing out of her "cage" to explore the "jungle" out there

He commended Kathleene's willingness to overcome her shyness and to work on what she needs to improve.

"The admirable thing about Kathleene is that she doesn't want to remain stagnant or paralyzed by her fears and insecurities," Doc Randy said. "She knows that she needs to change and is actually pro-active in getting help."

Popstyle Manila's simple dresses suited Kathleene's low-key personality

Upon learning of our makeover with Kathleene, fashion brand Popstyle Manila reached out to us to help give Kathleene a fashion makeover. Kathleene was a jeans and shirt girl, and we thought that getting her acquainted with dresses she can use at work can help give her a refreshing change.

Maia Ruefa and Meg Roxas of Popstyle Manila visited the Yahoo Philippines office to meet Kathleene who, of course, was shy about going outside her comfort zone when it came to style. She tried on the five dresses that Maia and Meg brought for her, after which they asked her to keep one as their gift.

We are grateful to Kathleene for allowing Yahoo Philippines to be part of her journey towards a better life. Good luck, Kat!

Our gratitude to Jay Macasaddu, Dr. Randy Dellosa and Popstyle Manila for supporting this month's Project Makeover.

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