Project Makeover: Meet Kathleene, the girl who can never look up

Shy no more: Kathleene Villafuerte before and after our hair and makeup makeover

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“The first Project Makeover I read was the one on Shaggy Sandy. After that, I decided to write to Yahoo Philippines and see if I had a chance,” 23-year-old reader Kathleene Villafuerte tells us as we sit in the salon of makeup artist and hairstylist Jay Macasaddu in Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

Kat, as she prefers to be called, came all the way from Mendiola, Manila, for a hair makeover and a simple makeup class with Jay.

Ever since Kat was a child, she had always been shy.

Lagi po akong nakatingin sa baba, sa daanan ko. Kapag titingin po ako sa tao nang may eye contact, naiilang po ako,” (I always look down where I am walking. When I engage in eye contact with a person, I feel uneasy.) says Kat, whose email to Yahoo Philippines was riddled with issues about self-confidence, having come from a conservative family.

Kat is an undergraduate from Mapua, where she was taking up Industrial Design. She stopped going to school in 2011 due to lack of finances. Today, she works as a printing assistant in an immunization center. She and her two siblings support their mom who lives in Bulacan. Her dad passed away when she was in elementary.

Hair makeover

Makeup artist and hairstylist Jay Macasaddu with Kat

Hindi ko po alam kung babagay sa ‘kin ang maiksing buhok. Matagal ko na po gusto. Kayo na po ang bahala,” (I don’t know if I will look good with short hair. I’ve always wanted to try it. I’ll leave it to you.) she tells us. Jay, upon examining Kat’s hair, knew what he was going to do.

“We’re doing shoulder length hair so it’s safe and easy to manage. She can wear it up or wear it down,” Jay tells us. “We’ll do cut, color, semi-rebond and keratin treatment. It’s a hairstyle she can wash and wear, perfect for a working girl.”

For Kat’s hair color, Jay mixed light ash brown and copper blond — a shade he says suits her fair complexion.

Makeup 101

When the hair makeover was done, Jay taught Kat how to apply simple daytime makeup. He used shades of bronze, brown, earth tones and nude.

“She can do this in five to 10 minutes,” says Jay. “This follows the basic cleanse, tone and moisturize.”

Jay advised Kat to have these basic makeup tools in her kit:
1. Foundation
2. Pressed powder
3. Eyeliner
4. Eyebrow pencil
5. Blush on
6. Lipstick
7. Mascara

We’re still working with Kat on her self-confidence issues, and have sought the help of Dr. Randy Dellosa. Watch out for our story next week here on Project Makeover.

Our gratitude to Jay Macasaddu and Dr. Randy Dellosa for supporting this month's Project Makeover.

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