This is probably the best invention to ward off umbrella-thieves

Photo: Pexels

Have you ever left your umbrella in those stands at the entrance of a building only to find them gone when you leave? Well, the Japanese have just the right solution to solve this problem!

In a tweet by @Lab_fairy, he showed a very simple yet excellent idea on how to make your umbrella less attractive to thieves, and more importantly, repulsive.

All you have to do is cover the umbrella handle with a malleable material then wrap your fingers around it. The sticky moulding on the handle makes it difficult and uncomfortable to grab for others but fits perfectly for your hand. Moreover, it looks revolting.

As @Lab_fairy works as a dental technician, the material he used is actually a resin used in dentistry for moulding. Indeed, with the light pink colour that looks like a person’s gum, it certainly would make people hesitant to touch the umbrella.

The idea started out as a means to identify your umbrella so that people do not take your umbrella by mistake. But the added element of disgust is helpful in warding off people who harbour the intention to steal umbrellas.

Although using the resin may leave your fingerprints on the mould, which raises identity protection issues, the creator believes that the important point is to make people feel disgusted upon seeing that the umbrella has another person’s fingerprints.

In the exceptional case of @ginsoku, who made the same product before but the umbrella was still stolen, the creator responded that the thief is probably some maniac.

Maniacs aside, this invention has been well-received with praises saying “I really want this,” and “This is a good idea.” For people who have had their umbrella stolen before, this is truly a great invention.


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