Priyanka Chopra open to wearing Crocs on the red carpet

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is open to the idea of wearing Crocs to a red carpet event.

The actress wears the clogs on a daily basis, teaming them with skirts and dresses, and in an interview with Elle magazine, revealed she would even consider wearing them as an alternative to uncomfortable stilettos for showbiz events.

"If I were to wear Crocs on a red carpet, I would wear the Crocs sandal because it has a heel," Priyanka explained to the publication. "And I would wear that with a dress that had a slit, so that you can see one side of the leg and it would add length to it. I would probably choose a black pair, and have like a really cool pedicure as well, with the slide, so the leg would look really amazing.

"I think you made me just make up my own red carpet Crocs from it!”

And the former Miss World has even managed to persuade her stylish husband Nick Jonas to wear the footwear out and about.

"He's worn Crocs. He wore them at a holiday (trip) we were on recently," she shared.

Priyanka's adoration for the controversial shoe comes at the perfect time, as the Baywatch star recently partnered up with brand bosses to donate 50,000 pairs of Crocs Classic clogs to children in Belize.

"The relationship sort of happened very organically, I have to say. I have been a fan and a user of Crocs for a very, very long time..." the 37-year-old, who has served as UNICEF ambassador for more than 10 years, explained. "So, I remember I was doing a UNICEF trip one time, and I saw all of these kids with no shoes or rundown shoes. And I remember saying at that point that I wear Crocs so often, that Crocs would be a better shoe that would last, look good; kids would have comfort."

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