Private Ambulance Fees In Singapore: MOH Releases A Helpful List For Citizens

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) published a list of fees charged by private ambulance services in Singapore. Those who will be needing private ambulances can now check and compare the various fees offered by operators before choosing which one to engage.

These private ambulance operators are accredited to provide their services to the Singapore public under the Voluntary Accreditation Scheme (VAS).

MOH Publishes List Of Private Ambulance Fees In Singapore

private ambulance singapore
private ambulance singapore

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MOH does not regulate the fees charged by these private ambulance operators. So this list only serves as a guide and consolidation of information to help ensure greater price transparency for those who need private ambulance services. The complete list of fees can be found on the official MOH website.

The list of private ambulance fees in Singapore is complete with information on common charges such as:

  • General fees for transport by ambulance

  • Fees for the use of commonly consumed services including cardiopulmonary resuscitation

  • Detailed charges for items and consumables used for specific patient groups

  • Charges for medical conditions such as medications, ventilation and trauma-related equipment

“These allow the public to make informed decisions about the choice of private ambulance operators based on the patient’s medical condition, and to estimate the bill size,” says MOH.

Standards Under The New Healthcare Services Act

It is also noted that operators voluntarily listed their fees publicly. But they will eventually be required to do so soon since this will be part of price transparency requirements under the Healthcare Services Act (HCSA). This will be when the new Emergency Ambulance and Medical Transport Services Regulations come into effect by the end of this year.

“This will enhance the patient care and ensure patient safety and welfare,” adds the ministry.

The HSCA was passed in 2020 in replacement of the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act. MOH introduced the VAS in 2018 to bring private ambulance operators under the HCSA.

The ministry also says more than 90 percent of private ambulance operators in Singapore have already been accredited under the VAS as of the end of May.

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List Of Common Fees Charged By Private Ambulance Services

With the new HCSA, all private ambulance services in Singapore will be licensed as either:

  • Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS)

The EAS is for services to transport any individual who may be suffering or believed to be suffering an injury or condition that requires emergency services.

For the list of EAS common fees, you can check here.

For the list of EAS detailed fees, you can check here.

  • Medical Transport Service (MTS)

The MTS is then for services to transport patients who require non-emergency clinical or monitoring services.

For the list of MTS common fees, you can check here.

For the list of MTS detailed fees, you can check here.

MOH encourages the public to make use of these accredited private ambulance operators if they ever happen to require such services.


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