Prison worker denies inmate's manslaughter

A prison worker deliberately missed checks on a vulnerable prisoner who took his own life on his first night behind bars, a court heard.

Graham Evans was due to check on Mesut Olgun 33 times during his shift at HMP Hewell, he looked in his cell just 10 times, the jury heard.

Mr Olgun, 30, and from Bristol, was arrested after a violent struggle in which he stabbed a police officer and his dog before cutting his own throat, the prosecution said.

On trial at Worcester Crown Court, Mr Evans, 66, denies Mr Olgun's manslaughter.

The defendant, who also denies misconduct in a public office, had falsified reports in the prison log about the checks he made on Mr Olgun, prosecutor Duncan Atkinson KC said.

Opening the case, Mr Atkinson said: "[Mr Evans'] actions substantially contributed to Mr Olgun's death.

"For no good reason, he did not even remotely comply with his obligations."

The jury heard how Mr Olgun, 30, had been arrested in the early hours of 6 June 2018.

During the struggle with the officer he had used a large knife to cut his own throat and was treated in hospital for his injuries, the court heard.

He was then taken to HMP Hewell, where staff declared him as an immediate suicide risk.

Body found by cleaner

Mr Evans, an operational support grade worker, was instructed to check on him every 15 minutes during the night, the jury heard.

But, he made only 10 of the 33 necessary checks on Mr Olgun, lasting from three to nine seconds each.

A gap of 80 minutes was left between two of the checks, the court heard.

The jury was also shown CCTV footage showing Mr Evans walking past Mr Olgun's cell but not looking inside.

The defendant then made up accounts in the prison log to say the prisoner had "given him a thumbs up" and "waved to say he was okay".

Mr Olgun's body was found by a cleaner in his cell, at 06:33 BST, after he had taken his own life.

The trial continues and is expected to last for three weeks.