The Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex just wore this divisive fashion throwback

the prince and princess of wales visit hereford
The Princess of Wales revives the skinny jeanCameron Smith - Getty Images

Love it or loathe it, it seems there is no escaping the inevitable resurgence of Y2k fashion. Earlier this week we predicted the return of the peplum top, and now it seems another Noughties throwback is ripe for a comeback.

Just this week, both the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex have been spotted wearing skinny jeans: a style that dominated the denim category for a decade after Kate Moss popularised them in 2005.

During a trip to Hereford to visit partners of the Duchy of Cornwall, Kate wore a pair of slender black jeans, coordinated with a loosely tailored grey jacket and practical lace-up walking boots (she did traverse into the forest to discover Madley Primary School’s outdoor learning project, after all).

the prince and princess of wales visit hereford
WPA Pool - Getty Images

In a similar style move, Meghan attended the medal ceremony for the Invictus Games’ wheelchair basketball finals in Düsseldorf wearing jet-black, skin-tight denim, elevated to more formal heights with a sleeveless blouse and black stiletto pumps.

skinny jeans
Chris Jackson

Skinny jeans aren't actually the first Noughties classic Meghan has worn during her attendance of the Invictus Games: earlier this week, she teamed a chic cream and black shorts suit with a pair of Chanel ballet flats, which are shaping up to be the shoe of the season.

So, are we about to embrace the return of the skinny jean? While the body-contouring cut may strike more nausea than nostalgia into the heart of many, there’s no denying the versatility of this simple cut.

Trends may come and go, but both Meghan and Kate have this week proved the power of ignoring the pull of the zeitgeist and wearing what feels good – so whether that’s a baggy boyfriend cut or a pair of the skinniest jeans, we suggest you go for it. And if you’re in the market for a fresh new pair of skinnies? There are currently over 40 styles available on Net-a-Porter, so you clearly aren't alone...

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