Prince's personal designers releasing limited-edition clothing line


Prince's personal designers are releasing a limited-edition clothing line inspired by pieces they created for the late music icon.

Lori Marcuz and Cathy Robinson worked with the Purple Rain hitmaker from 2011 until his shock death from an accidental drug overdose in April 2016.

The duo, the brains behind the brand Call & Response, are now releasing a line which features a hand-crafted collection of custom jackets, vests, and hand-dyed tunics inspired by the musician.

The line, which was commissioned by Prince's estate, will also coincide with the deluxe reissue of his double album, 1999.

Despite working for Prince, Marcuz and Robinson never met or spoke with the elusive musician, and simply put together boxes of clothing for him when his assistants requested pieces, usually at the last minute.

"The entire time, (working with Prince), was almost like a blur," Robinson recalled to Refinery29. "It was so busy and fast. We learned so much working with him because the learning curve was huge. We'll never be who we were before."

"Our time with Prince was a hell of a ride," Marcuz said, adding that they once designed three jackets for the singer to wear to the Grammys. "We miss him. We miss making clothes for him. So this was, in many ways, lovely to do it again."

Of the new collection, the design duo said they watched a lot of old footage and listened to 1999 "again and again, trying to remember what it was like to hear 1999 for the first time back in the day," Marcuz added.

Every item in the collection will be custom-made for every person purchasing, with limited quantities available for each piece, with prices ranging from $175 (£133) for a long-sleeved tie-dye top to $2,600 (£1,981) for a purple tunic dress coat.

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