Are Prince William and Kate Middleton Vloggers Now?

Are Prince William and Kate Middleton Vloggers Now?

Two years ago, Prince William and Kate Middleton launched a YouTube channel. William joked to Kate in their first video, "Be careful what you say now because these guys, they're filming everything!" Since then, the Prince and Princess of Wales have shared just 32 more clips—but their posts surrounding the coronation mark a transition for the royal couple's social media presence.

The main video, a 4 minute, 54 second film titled "The Coronation Weekend | Behind the scenes with The Prince and Princess of Wales," features sleek editing, a snappy soundtrack, and intimate behind-the-scenes moments of the royals. Before it dropped, six edited shorts were posted on the Wales's social media—including behind-the-scenes footage of the Coronation Concert and the Big Help Out.

While the video doesn't have any direct-to-camera interviews with the Prince and Princess of Wales, it does include unprecedented footage filmed in their Kensington Palace home and inside Buckingham Palace. Just three days after the film was posted on YouTube, the rare look at royal life has already garnered over 1 million views.

The video marks an intentional shift for the Wales's social media strategy. "We think about the way we tell our stories," a Kensington Palace source recently told the Telegraph. "It’s incredibly important to use social media as we try to reach younger audiences - what you have seen is part of our effort to do that."

The source added, "Younger people are predominantly consuming their news on social media so it's important to deliver positive content that supports the Prince and Princess’s work on those platforms."

Commenters on the Wales's Instagram have noticed the shift. On the clip of the family's outing volunteering with the Scouts, one wrote, "May you never end this BTS footage. Great job KP social team!" (KP refers to Kensington Palace.) Another said, "Whoever is making the reels give them a raise!"

The video is credited to Will Warr, a London-based filmmaker who is the owner and Creative Director of Detail Films. "An honour and a privilege to have been asked to capture behind the scenes at the King’s Coronation last weekend," Warr wrote on Instagram. "A rare and exciting opportunity to be at the heart of the celebrations and to be a part of this historic weekend."

Will and Kate's pivot to video was not just for the coronation, and royal watchers can expect this kind of access to be part of the Kensington Palace social media strategy moving forward. Since the coronation, edited clips of Prince William at an investiture ceremony, the announcement of Earthshot 2023's location, and Kate's surprise Eurovision appearance have also been posted—pointing to a new era of William and Kate as vloggers.

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