Prince Harry "Cares Deeply" About the Invictus Community, Netflix Docuseries Producer Says

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Prince Harry "Cares Deeply" About InvictusSamir Hussein - Getty Images

Prince Harry's Heart of Invictus docuseries about the Inivctus Games is now streaming, and the team behind the Netflix show can't speak highly enough of working with the Duke of Sussex.

"Prince Harry’s commitment to the Invictus community was very clear, and very obvious," producer Joanna Natasegara told Variety. "He is in and of that community — and so you see that within the show. I don’t mind how people are attracted to the show, but I really hope they take away what we took away, which was a universal message of hope and resilience."

She added, "We treated the Duke as we would any other contributor — the same process, the same duty of care, the same respect. And the same questions. It was really important to see him in the same way as the others, and I think he comes across in the same way, as an equal, to the others in the show. You have to be respectful and work slowly to gain people’s trust, and when they feel there’s a shared agenda, that trust is more easily won."

Natasegara also emphasized how much Harry cared about how those who participated were portrayed in the documentary. "Unsurprisingly, he’s very engaged with this project," she said. "He cares deeply about the community, cares deeply about how those people are presented. He cares deeply about mental health, and about sport as a tool for recovery. So he was a great partner. We really enjoyed making this series, top to bottom."

Harry's support for the Invictus Games will be on display again soon, as the Invictus Games 2023 are scheduled to begin in Düsseldorf, Germany on September 9. He will be in attendance for all eight days of the competition.

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