Prince Chiu: Call me by my real name!

11 Mar – Taiwanese singer Prince Chiu (Wang Zi) is not a fan of his own stage name and he hopes to change it by the time he turns 31.

As reported on Singtao Daily, the singer who spoke about the name, admitted that even he was repulsed by it the first time it was suggested to him by his management agency back when he made his debut in showbiz.

"In those early days, I would feel awkward introducing myself as Prince Chiu. But over time, as people started to know me, I could not abandon this stage name. From when I was 17 to 30, people know me by this name, so I hope by 31, people will finally call me by my real name," he said.

Another reason why Prince, whose real name is Chiu Sheng-yi, wants everybody to start using his real name is because he doesn't think the stage name suits him anymore as he enters his 30s.

Prince Chiu is just an appearance, he said. In private, the singer stated that he is not held by the palm of his hand. On the contrary, he is the kind of person who would wield a sword and take the lead in front of everyone.

"I know that I care much about age. I used to be the youngest, but now as I look around the shooting set, I realise that I am the oldest and the most mature, and I have a sense of responsibility over them," he said.

(Photo Source: Prince Chiu Instagram)