Price of sweet potatoes at Don Don Donki Singapore increased to $2.90 and fans are unhappy

The price of Don Don Donki’s sweet potatoes in Singapore has risen to $2.90. (Photo: Pixabay)

Sweet potatoes are some of the more popular buys at Japanese superstore Don Don Donki, so it’s no surprise to see fans in Singapore feeling a little sad that prices have gone up from $2 to $2.90.

According to an announcement on Facebook on Tuesday (30 Jan), the company said that the recent snow storm in Japan has affected their supply of sweet potatoes. Customers would thus need to expect a smaller harvest and a consequent price hike.

“We are doing our best to provide high quality Japanese fruits and vegetables at the lowest price possible. However, this pursuit is largely dependent on seasonality and weather conditions,” the post said.

The price hike begins from Thursday (1 February) and it is unclear when the price will return to normal.

While many were disappointed by the news, one was grateful for the company’s openness and the initiative they had taken to inform fans.

“Seasonal items, seasonal pricing is reasonable and acceptable. Appreciate the update,” said a Jeffrey Wong on their page.

The vegetable isn’t the only popular item at Don Don Donki Singapore, which opened in December 2017. According to MoneySmart, other items such as the Calpis drink in melon flavour and Hikari miso soup have sold out.

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