Premature Baby In S’pore Born The Size Of A Human Palm At Only 24 Weeks Now Discharged After 5 Months

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A premature baby in Singapore born at only 24 weeks in gestation was finally discharged after spending five months in the hospital. She weighed only 670g when she was born and was the size of a human palm.

According to the Facebook post by the One Hope Charity & Welfare back on 28 February, the premature baby girl born at 24 weeks needed to be incubated for 160 days.

This left her parents with a hefty medical bill of RM1.2 million.

Premature Baby Born At 24 Weeks Placed In Incubator For Almost 5 Months

Image source: Facebook / One Hope Charity & Welfare

The parents of baby Eloise Ang work in Singapore and were ready to return to Malaysia for her birth until she was suddenly ready to come out at only 24 weeks. She was born prematurely on 22 February, at the gestational age of just six months.

“Young little Eloise came to this world in less than 28 weeks, which makes her a “micro preemie”.
Her body only weighs 670 grams and has a body size of an adult-sized hand palm. Her skin was nearly transparent and her bloodstream can be seen with the naked eye,” writes One Hope Charity & Welfare.

The doctors immediately placed her in NICU for incubation where she had to be monitored constantly.

As Eloise was born a premature baby at just 24 weeks, many of her organs haven’t fully developed yet including her lungs and brain. While the appearance of her body is fully developed, the baby girl could not breathe on her own and relied on a breathing aid.

She was to be incubated for around 160 days and was advised not to leave the incubator on her expected date of delivery and until her condition becomes stable.

Parents Successfully Raise Funds For Her Medical Bills Within 29 Hours

baby born at 24 weeks
baby born at 24 weeks

Image source: Facebook / One Hope Charity & Welfare

Ang Theam Seah and Koh Pei Ying, parents of the premature baby born at 24 weeks, could only bear around RM50,000 worth of the total medical expenses of their daughter, which was approximately RM1.25 million. This medical fee was estimated to be around 400,000 Singapore Dollars and is too much for the couple to afford.

Seeking help from One Hope Charity, they launched a fundraiser for the rest of their daughter’s medical expenses. With their fundraiser garnering attention from the public, donations were made not only in Singapore but from other countries as well.

Over only 29 hours, the couple managed to achieve their fundraising goal of RM1.2 million for their palm-sized baby daughter.

To show their gratitude to those who helped them from Singapore, Malaysia, United States, Taiwan, Brunei and many more, the parents of Eloise posted a video on One Hope Charity’s Facebook page.

“We want to thank all of you kind-hearted donors for creating such a miracle. Let us all give our blessings to little Eloise in hopes she grow healthy and strong,” read the post.

The family of three is now planning their return to Malaysia after all procedures are complete.

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Lead image source from Facebook / One Hope Charity & Welfare.


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